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    No 1 Peoples Choice :

    There are a number of different solutions for dust mite allergy on the market. It is hard to know which is the right choice for consumers to make. We all want the product to do what it says it will and we don't want to sacrifice comfort. Made with 100% pure cotton, Relax bedding is the number one choice for consumers.

    "When my son was diagnosed with dust mite allergy, I was advised by our doctor to get dust mite proof mattress encasings. When I went to look for a suitable choice, there was no comparison between Relax and the others. Relax felt like a crisp, tightly woven cotton sheet and the others were made of a terrycloth type material with a plastic- like lining. Or some had cotton and poly blends as the cover, but again the plastic-y backing. Microfiber is soft, but it too is synthetic and hot to sleep on. It was an easy choice for me. Natural cotton vs synthetics – its a no brainer!"

    Tina Martin

    Oct 12 2012